Additional Services

Dog toothbrush
With a soft bristle brush moistened with the ideal toothpaste, we will make circular movements and with technique, so that the pet's teeth are healthy and his mouth fresh.
Cat Nails
It is a technique that consists of adding silicone covers to cover the cats' nails, and thus prevent them from scratching sofas, doors, furniture, etc.
De Shedding
It is the process of removing hair from your pet's undercoat that cannot be effectively removed by brushing or combing alone.
De Matting
It is a technique that consists of detangling the hair and knots of pets.
Dog Nail Trimming
It is a delicate procedure, in which, through special scissors, your pet will have his nails cut and filed to avoid any wrinkles.
Flea Treatmen
It is an effective treatment in which we use one of the best products on the market to eliminate fleas and ticks, a 100% remarkable result.
Styling / Scissoring
Normally the cuts to pets are made by combining a machine with scissors. Cutting only with scissors is preferred by some petslovers.
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