All appointments must be reserved with 40% of the total value of the service, through a security deposit that will be made through any of the payment methods: zelle, paypal, venmo, cashapp. The remaining balance will be paid on the day of the appointment.

In the event of any inconvenience, the client can reschedule or cancel their appointment up to 24 hours before the service. After this time the deposit will not be refunded.

Disclaimer PETS 1227 will not be responsible for any health or physical condition that may have existed prior to providing our services. It will be the sole responsibility of the pet owner to make any claim for any situation at the time of delivery of the pet. If no complaints are filed, we will assume that the customer has a satisfactory experience and will not be held responsible for any future complaints. By scheduling an appointment, the client agrees to our policy.

Additional SurchargeSurcharges may apply in the following cases:1. High-rise buildings where customers take more than 15 minutes to drop off or pick up the pet.2. When the pet has behavior problems that require more time than normally estimated, an additional 20 dollars will be charged.3. We will always do everything possible to prepare pets to cooperate with us, but if aggressiveness, hyperactivity, inability to support themselves, frequent urine or bowel movements, or any other anomaly is very recurrent, the groomer will not be able to provide the service. and the total agreed fee for the service, or a percentage of the session, will continue to be assessed.4. Fleas or ticks are found at the time of the appointment.

It should be noted that the required charges will be added and notified to the client at the time the decision is made.
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