Why choose us?

Very professional groomers, and with great empathy and love towards pets.

HOME service in luxury mobile unit. Molded with state-of-the-art equipment.

Optimum relaxation experience. Groomers who master animal behavior techniques and the luxury mobile unit is suitable with temperature controls, and spaces with a music therapy and aromatherapy system, to reassure any furry friend.

Express and personalized service according to the needs of each pet (special cuts, dull, brittle fur, sensitive skin, knots, teeth with tartar, etc.)

100% satisfaction guarantee. If it is not, we do not close the appointment until we achieve it.

Veterinary support. In case of an accident at the time of service. We are responsible for the expenses incurred for the first appointment.

Pet insurance. We are one of the few pet grooming companies that has insurance for our pets, in case of any extraordinary anomaly.

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