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This service will really be the one that your pet will appreciate the most. Because we will pamper you from start to finish. It is the true bridal bath, but this time for pets. Your pet will be reborn!


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This package includes a Premium bagrooming (bath + cutting + drying) plus all the spa service described below.

Body exfoliation. We use a mineral mud bath treatment.

  • Eliminates impurities, exfoliates the skin and coat.
  • Deeply conditions, rehydrates and rebuilds the coat.
  • Add shine

Hydrotherapy: In a mini cabin, your pet will be given lateral massages and all the muscles of the body, with mineral salts based on eucalyptus, in order to eliminate contractures.

Aromateria: To calm and relax the furry that have been nervous, aggressive, anxious or depressed, we will accompany the bath with batch flowers and with a mint and lavender shampoo, and a rose flower conditioner.

Body hydration: Special oils for the body.

Facial hydration: A cucumber mask will be applied, so your face will look more rested and smooth.

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– If you cancel the service 30 min before or when our staff arrives at your house for the pet, you must pay $ 30
– If your pet is blind, aggressive, or has any difficulty, you must pay a surplus of $ 20.


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