Basic Grooming

The bath is offered in a luxury mobileunit, suitable with next-generation, self-contained, temperature-controlled equipement, safety, comfort and music therapy. Echa appointment is made as an express service customized to your needs.
Our team takes all suggested and preventive measures to protect your family from COVID-19

-Eye protection and hearing protection.
-Trim in the intimate, facial and leg pad.
-Cut and file nails.
-Ear cleaning and hair trimming.
-Gland draining.
-Shampoo and conditioner.
-Relaxing massage.
-Drying with a towel and a blower.
-Hairstyle with bows-buns / tie-tie (gift)
-Basic tooth brushing.
-Gift: toothbrush
-Traditional cut. Or you can choose a special cut such as the Lion, English, Dutch, Modern, Puppy, Summer, Cupcake, or Teddy Bear cut, for which an additional $ 20 will be charged.

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